I need help with joining meshes and textures.

When I select the first mesh and then I press the Bkey to select the other meshes and join them with the CTRL-Jkey. Now when I render. The first mesh that I selected in the beggining is the only texture that renders. What am I doing wrong?

hmmm im no expert but it sounds like the texture is being applied to both meshes after they’re joined.
try this: enter edit mode, select the vertices of the mesh that lost its material, then go to the edit buttons, and select the material you want and click on “Assign”. If there’s only one material in the Edit buttons, click on New and then go back to the material buttons and select the material for that slot.
hop that helps.

are you talking about textures or materials? Textures are assigned only to materials, so a mesh cannot have a texture applied to it, only to the material it has. Most of the time i join meshes with multiple materials, it works fine, although if one of the materials is a halo i get funky results. I haven’t found a solution to this yet, but someone might…

Yes I am talking about materials. sorry. I get my Blender vocabulary mixed up sometimes. And I just found the problem and fixed it. Thanks.