I need help with making Wolf legs

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So I´m currently trying to improve in Blender because the only thing I´ve managed is pretty symetrical shapes which isn´t really what I would like to keep doing. I want to try out organic stuff that isn´t always 100% symetrical and more natural. So I thought I´d make the legs of a wolf to just slowly creep closer to my goal. I felt like the face of a wolf would be a little too hard for now. But I´m kind of stuck at the moment. I´m not sure how to model this properly without it looking like PS1 Graphics or just simply being a huge amount of unnessicary work. I´m really not used to making smooth and round shapes. I´ve got a 2D Model made but I´m not sure how to get it into a 3D Shape and don´t know If this 2D method is even efficient/good.

Can someone give me any tips ? I´ll attach a picture of my 2D Legs below:

This isn’t looking too bad, just keep practising and learning and you will get better. Also, another way to improve is to download and study reference models. For example, download and have a look over this wolf model - https://www.blendswap.com/blend/4288

There will be other models online as well you can search out and use for ref.


The use and study of anatomy will also be helpful. I recommend getting a copy of, An atlas of animal anatomy. You might be able to find the pdf for this one, as I believe it’s in public domain. But if not they sell copies of it cheap on eBay and amazon. Very good for reference for sculpting organics of 4 legged animals. Useful for imaginary creatures such as dragons. Have a look at 3d Total anatomy models.

I am really trying to understand the anatomy of wolves atm. How the joints work and how they move etc. too. Might want to animate this later. Not sure. But I´m using this reference picture as help. Is this a good reference ?

I´m not a huge fan of using others work really. I know that In art you often inspire yourself from others but I feel like in 3D Art, you´re basically copying someone directly then

I´m currently trying a new method. Can someone give their opinion on this ? I feel like I´m going somewhere but maybe this is too much work ? I´m doing circles whever the leg changes it´s angles. Those circles I´ll connect vertically with faces then.

That works ok for bones. But you also need muscle. Bones comes first in anatomy study. And bones is important for creating your own designs. Not always necessary though.

You need muscle for the general form of the model. Have you learned to draw yet? You might want to learn the basics for drawing. Not necessary really. But helpful, greatly helpful.

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Well I am using the whole leg as reference, not only the bones

After looking at what your trying to do. I think you need to learn drawing first. I recommend Ctl+Paint. He has free drawing I and free drawing II. You’ll have to pay him to learn how to do rendering though.

you don’t have to be too efficient at drawing, just know how to do it.

If you do go to ctl+paint and learn to draw. You don’t need the papaer and pencil, you can do it all using gimp and pen pad. I recommned using krita and pen pad.

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I think I found a way to make the legs now. What would you guys say ? Is this acceptable ?