I NEED HELP with model and rig


it really helps to be more specific. but i would check out BSoD’s Introduction_to_Character_Animation. its a good resource

Yes I know, but that’s all i asked for was i need help with modeling a character that was the question and all i need is suggestions.THANX ill check it out

Use a pad to reduce wrist strain?
Poles should be avoided until you know how to use them?
If things look weird, recalculate your normals?
You can’t target ipo drivers to other bones?

Really, the subject is so varied that ‘suggestions’ could be about anything. Get some specific questions first, and you’ll get help pretty fast.

Which type of character you want to model?

I think I live near you (Wellington, New Zealand). Would you like a call where I can help over the phone?

I live in India.
Just click to signature for my links.

I was meaning Key Shiroi when I said to phone me. His profile indicates he’s near enough to me to call.

Yes I can help over the phone. My Phone No. 0091-532-2420307
email [email protected]

okay so where in n.z do you live lol i come from taranaki/new plymouth, but live in wellignton.
:(yes i can model thow when in need of subsurfing a mesh it becomes some what smooth
not more defined.I know all junctions on the buttons and stuff just neet to know how to use them all.

Call you? why not just email you or something.
[email protected]

I live on the Kapiti Coast, just north of Wellington. I’ll be moving up to Auckland this weekend in order to help out teaching Blender to holiday programmes (see a thread I have made asking for help making one of the resources here)

The problems with subsurfing turning blah are more to do with edgelooping than anything else… can be tricky to sort. Basically anywhere you want the edge to stay put (the edge of a table) you should have three edgeloops (use CTRL-R to insert more). Anything else, Blender will curve (turns a cube into a ball).

I don’t like email correspodence. My antispam (spamgourmet.com) hates attachments and has a problem for some reason with hotmail accounts. PM me if you want direct messageing, I just thought calling directly would be good if you were really stuck on something that you were finding hard to describe on the forum.