i need help with my WIP

I am working on something (a surprise) but how do i put different meshes into different layers? With object mode it selects all at once whenever i click on one, and in edit mode it wont work at all! I need to know so i can texture different objects for different colors. Or if there is another way please post! I am a very new newb (kind of. I have only read one very long tutorial). This is very simple but not very good. I wish to at least make one thing though. One more thing:

How do i post images if they arent on the internet? PLEASE POST ASAP!

Ok here’s what I think is wrong, you made one mesh, and in edit mode added another mesh, so therefore when you go to object mode you are actually looking at one large group of meshes. Here’s how to test if that’s what you done.

Select your mesh (since you said that they all get selected) and hit tab (edit mode) now if you see verts on every mesh, then that’s what you did.

Now, to fix it you need to select the mesh’s you are wanting seperate, and press “P”. Which removes the selected stuff from the mesh family. Now continue to do that to each mesh group until all mesh’s are seperated from the family.

As far as putting mesh’s on different layers just right click on the desired mesh and press “M” and select the layer. (Provided your problem is solved first)


P.S. When you are done editing a mesh, make sure you are out of edit mode b4 you add a new mesh.

…and an easy way to select each mesh is to select just one vertex, then press L …

Andy D.