I need help with NLA editor...

OK, I have two actions, made with Dopesheet/Action editor. I add action 1 in NLA, then I add action 2. They are in different tracks, both begin from frame 1. Now, I want action 2 AFTER action 1. How do I do that? Grab (G) doesn’t work, I can’t move the strip. Inside properties I can edit both action and strip begin and end frames, but even if the strip moves along the track, keyframes do not match (they are still from frame 1…). If I hit tab, I get into edit mode and I can move keyframes in Dopesheet but that CHANGES THE ACTUAL ACTION!

I have Googled, watched YouTube videos, checked several Blenser books, you name it…

Please tell me the correct way to move a strip along the track in NLA editor!

Otherwise I can’t use actions at all and I have to resort only to Dopesheet.

Try dragging them with the mouse.

Select the Action in the track then you can drag it with the mouse or G to move

Thanks for the answers, but I seem to have a problem. When I try to drag of move with G, the strip turns violet and there is text:
“1) Temp-Meta” on it. And it is not moving. Same thing with any strips. If it’s some lock or User Preference or… please tell, because I can’t figure it out. (When I drag the mouse Dx and Dy numbers in lower left corner of the window change, so Blender reacts to mouse, but the strip does not move…)

My Blender version is 2.65.9 r54141 and I’m using Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit, if that information has any influence on the matter…

Mr. Marklew’s video link got me thinking that I have found a bug. I will test with another version of Blender tomorrow, after work day. Let’s hope there is some workaround.

If someone can point out something else which might help, feel free to post, this is a real showstopper now…

…AAAARGGHHH. It is a bug. Old Blender 2.62 loaded tha file and the strips can be moved easily. Thank you all, I seem to have solution! I use old version until this is fixed.

Thank you!

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. You can only move a strip up/down if there is enough space for it to slide into in the track above/below it. So if you have two strips of equal length above each other, you cannot move one on top of the other.
  2. It might be easier in this case rearranging the tracks (Page Up/Down)
  3. When transforming strips, they get converted to “Temp Meta” strips (i.e. temporary strip groups - strip groups are shown with purple). This is necessary so that when moving islands of neighbouring strips they retain their relative relationships and positions wrt each other.

Aligorith, thanks for reply! 1) There’s space enough on tracks 2) I tried 3) Nice to know.

Today my Blender was updated from PPA to r54186, but the problem persists. Oh well 2.62 seems to be able to move strips, I’ll use that for now.

Well. It seems that I’m having faulty compilation of Blender which caused the problem. I’m using Irie PPA from Launchpad. Official version from blender.org doesn’t have the problem (although it’s somewhat older version). I thought this PPA is official version, but now seems it is not.

Sorry, Aligorith and others involved. I learned my lesson. I will check versions more carefully in future.

You can build blender yourself using this: http://graphicall.org/1018
That way you get a recent build without the bug (probably).

Cyaoeu, insn’t that GraphicAll package already compiled? Also, it’s 64-bit, I’m having 32-bit system. Probably I’m misunderstanding something here. I have compiled Blender from svn earlier, but the llbraries were very troublesome then. I was quite pleased when I found that PPA. But now that feels buggy.

Woops, yeah, you won’t need to compile it if you get it from there. Just filter by linux 32 bit then. The packages are generally outdated so it’s easier to just get it yourself.