I need help with OBJ

Hello-I’m fairly new to Blender and I’ve been trying to make a game with it in 2D. I’m aware that Blender is generally used for 3D games-but I want to use 3D models in the game. Anyway-I made 3D models of both the character and the level, put them in OBJ format, and then exported them into Blender. The issues I’m having is that the game is REALLY SLOW. Like when I try t test it in a standalone model, it’s a 3 second reaction time. I didn’t have this problem when I was just testing the character out on a little brick, so I assume it’s the level.

My question is-how do I fix the level so it loads quickly and efficiently?:confused:

(I think I’ve posted this before-but I don’t see my post anywhere…)

Impossible to say without a file…