I need help with POVAnim...

I tried the default file, and I keep getting the error message “[ expected but uv_mapping found instead.” I added #version unofficial megapov 0.7 to the include file and it didn’t do anything. What else do I need to change?
I have all of the necessary downloads (Blender 2.23, megaPOV, and povanim)


you try to export in megapov format but the default is set for povray3.5.
Choose (line 13) the good patchtype=1


Thank you!!! You saved my life. Now I can harness the power of Anim8or, (good for starting models, then you import to Blender for finishing) Blender, and POV-Ray. I may be able to compete with Pixar!

I’m sorry to keep bothering you with this, but I hit another snag. I’ve been working with UV textures, and the first frame rendered, but on the second frame I get a message "] expected but undeclared identifier ‘PMeshCol’ found instead. I can’t think of any way to fix it.

Very curious, if you think that in an exported animation frame 1 and the others import exactly the same textures file, and i was sure that there was not possibility of error like that.

Download and retry with the very last version:


I’m afraid it didn’t work. POV will render the example from 1 to 30 with no problems, but when I have my own mesh it gives me that error message. I’ll unzip the file again and study your example. I couldn’t read the page on UV mapping, because there’s no English translation and that’s the only language I know.


I got it to work. I just opened the file that kept giving the error and typed an #include statement (can’t remember which file right off hand, but I can find it again when I need to.

Perhaps a problem with the patchtype variable (look at the top of the blender python window). If you try to export for megapov you have to set this variable to “1”, the value for povray is “0”.

Actually Povray’s uv and textures files exported by povanim are not compatible with megapov’s ones…This wil change soon, I think.


I had the patch type set to MegaPOV. It just didn’t put the #include statement in, but it did using the default model. The only thing I did was deleted everything in the scene so I can use my own models. I don’t know how that got rid of the #include statement.

just an idea:
povanim creates a “meganim” directory,
try to delete this directory before an export.


Ok, Ok, Ok!! now i see clearly the problem, and i can correct this soon.



New version, material animation bug fixed (I hope).