I need help with pulling of Ghost/Motion Echo Effects [SOLVED]

I wanted to pull off an effect like the “Super” shadow effects from old arcade fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat but, except 3D. After Images generating from behind like in the video.

Like this:

Hmmmm, this one is quite difficult I think - because there is more to it than being 3D.

In the video you linked, there is a constraint on the effect, namely; the camera does not move.

This is an important clue/question for you to answer.

You say you need the effect in 3D, does that mean you want the camera to move in 3D?
If it can, then the effect you seek is more complex than the one in the video.

The video-description says, that the background is subtracted - this is not an aesthetic choice; it is a requirement for the effect.

Are the characters procedurally animated? If they are, then most optimizations are impossible.

From the description you have now, I think you’ll have to re-draw the geometry several times per frame, perhaps through some sort of staggered buffer.

For simple objects this could be done with some clever instancing, however, an animated 3D character is not a simple object.

So the solution to this will probably have to be pretty creative.

You’ll probably need to use a custom GLSL shader, in conjunction with the VideoTexture module, and some logic to achieve the effect.

At least that’s where I would start. Ideas anyone?

Well, my camera that I’ll be working with is mostly stationary and moves on the Y axis (2.5D but, switches on the axis around corners) but, only the character is moving in 3D space.
Do you think that will affect it less?
I was thinking it was more of a motion blur but, with a stutter of some kind every couple of frames and fades out gradually.
I agree with the stagger buffer.
I was also thinking of somehow duplicating 5 or so previous movement animations.

I might just have to settle with a regular motion blur if it is next to or is impossible.

Reminds me… if only animation layers - onion skinning were & renderable :disappointed:

I was wondering about onion skinning @burnin but, that explains that :confused:


… now, if it could be made to exploit Eevee…

or if this could be adapted for rendering

my camera system that I wanted the effects for is pretty dynamic yet basic.
I’s not finished but, best example.

camera shift.blend (550.8 KB)

what about making all objects in the scene invisible but the actor and doing a render to texture?
maybe shoot X angles [ in case the player moves]

place the sprite where the agent was? - similar to a old duke nukem sprite?

Not solved but, I goofed and accidentally made a motion trail in the radar system.
Do whatever you want with it.
Motion Trail goof.blend (595.9 KB)

You could use this one on rigid objects:

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Looks cool but, is there a less graphically intensive way of producing the same or similar effect like a ribbon trail or swipe effect?
Even my example is very graphic intense.

Unfortunately no. This is because you want to see multiple renders of the same mesh.

I think there are tricks to reduce the impact on render.


  • The copies can be with less details. I guess they should look blured anyway. Less details should not be that much visible.
  • If the camera angle does not change you can render the object to a texture and show the copy as plane with this texture.
  • If the object has uniform colors alon the motion path you can fake the trail see Object trail
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you could do this with a backbuffer and GLSL I think


something like this but using render attachment to set what pixels to store.

I did something similar in my bgmc 29 Glazor

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Wow! You guys are amazing!
I can utilize both methods.

Glazor looks really awesome too!

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

How do you select which items do the effect like in the video?

The camera has a py controller node shader.py

the 2d filters connected to it are also important
BufferA and Image

also this is using current UPBGE master, using render attachments.

let me know if you need a build.

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Yeah, I could use a build.

in the finished game section with the game, is a link to a build :smiley:

this may be newer-https://drive.google.com/open?id=1phK17uhw8FpWTC8k8e3hR-j0abS1NO1f

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