I need help with this animation glitch!

ok so there are key frames at 1-30-40-50-60 and my actuator is playing 30-60 why does it glitch back to any keyframe before 30? It also has something to do with the motion actuator. If you disable it, it works again.

Here’s a .blend
Animation.blend (452 KB)

step 1 = each actor is [ Physics Mesh+code container ] -> a armature parents to this -> GFX meshes parent to the armature.

this way, the actors armature Animations origin is the Physics object (no teleport back to where animations were made)

what he says is:

  • add cube
  • add bone
  • parent cube to bone
  • animate the bone
  • play actions on the bone
  • play movement stuff on the cube

Ok thanks guys