I Need Help With This .blend

1st of all would it be better if I put the title: I need help with this or I Need Help With This?

.blend http://www.pasteall.org/blend/13300

2nd: This is a Test level and I’m looking for help (Videos/PDFs/Anything…)

3rd: I would like to be able to Pickup a gun and shoot… And drop/switch it…

4th: I would like to have a Current Ammo thingy (IDK the word…)

5th: I would like to learn how to make a interactive turret… (Like in BF/MW Usable turrets…)

6th: I would like to know how to make a door… (Single and double, and has to able to be moved by bullets/explosions/player(s))

7th: More realistic movements… (That I gave up on… :/)

8th: How to make realistic shadows (If I need Harmony please drop a download link)

9th: What is better Ray VS Object for bullets? (Or both? Ray for bullet hole(s) and object for bullet?)

Okay that’s about all I need help on. This will keep me interested for a while…

But I’m really needing your help on TELLING/SHOWING me HOW to MAKE this things WORK.

As in the past I’ve asked YOU to MAKE something for me but this I WANT to KNOW HOW to do these things… And I understand that you might have to make a video or something… But I really need to know how to make these things on my own. (That does not mean I don’t need videos and tutorials cause I do)

So help me out on this will ya?

And I’ll have to check this out tomorrow…Too tired right now…so please write a comment and ill get back a soon as possible.

Good night a God Bless you!

Hello Mousedroid, that’s a lot of question, in short you are asking ho to make your fps game!? You could make each question a thread, once you got step 1 done, ask for step 2.
1-5,9: you need to learn python
6: use rigid body constraints;
7: Learn to animate. Follow some tutorials, Acadian Lapino is doing a series of tutorials, check him out in Vimeo.

But I’m really needing your help on TELLING/SHOWING me HOW to MAKE this things WORK.
As in the past I’ve asked YOU to MAKE something for me but this I WANT to KNOW HOW to do these things…

Some things can’t be taught this fast. Doing all using logic brick will be very hard. Take some months too learn python, this will serve you as a starting base, then we can move from there.
Also do some searches, these questions rise in the forums in a cyclic manner.

Hello MouseDroid,

The answer to your first question is “I need help with this”.
“I Need Help With This” is ridiculous and wrong.

Its not really the advice you want to hear, but you need to walk before you can run.

In other words, you are going to have to learn Blender and see what works for you. Make smaller test blends to figure out simple features first…you may be surprised how easy some things can be to make (and how hard others can be too…;)). Search for each of your questions individually and see how they work.People here can give you all the advice in the world but unless you understand it afterwards the advice is wasted.

So start simple, and learn the logic brick system.It will serve you well for smaller tasks and when you know that system well begin with Python.

And prepare to put time into learning all this- it will take time but it will be worth it.

@Rubbernuke: I hear ya… I know I’ve been using Logic Bricks for a while…some things I still get messed up with them (Such as a Health bar??? Idk why…)

And I know Python I need to learn…Its just so big and scary… But ya I would like to know it…

But where to start? (Hint: www.tutorialsforblender3d.com is where I need to start? Or some where that is more updated?)

And @torakunsama Vimeo not working :/. And okay I’ll have to remember that.

I agree with the others BUT you can do half of these with logic bricks, experiment a bit. Ammo can be easily done with properties. Turrets can be easily done with states. Rays are better than object collision. Making a door move is as simple as animating key frames and if you want it to be ‘fancy’ use near sensors / collisions. For realistic movements you’d have to use Servo Motion, or if you want very realistic movement you’d need to use Python. Hope I helped.

Moral of the story, learn Logic and Python.

TutorialsforBlender3d is a good start, some of its for 2.49b but its good (especially for looking at Python syntax in action).

To start learning Python, pay a visit to one of the Python Jedi called SolarLune here: (scroll to the bottom for part 1)

Plus there is tons of other stuff there too. Python is scary, but it does get more fun as time goes on…and when you get stuck on a specific problem come back here and people will gladly help out. I have been helped many times so do not be afraid to ask questions.

Also, the elder god of these pages Monster has lots of helpful tutorials…just look in his sig at the bottom of each of his posts. If you learn all that I’ll be asking for your help soon!


I looked at your .blend and you have a good scene started. It seems like you have done some preparation. It’s simple, but I like what you’ve got so far. As the others have said, you’ll have to focus on one thing at a time. I can show you how to get your shadows working though. Take a look at the properties panel below (click on it to see it at 100%):

If you set the Bias value to increments between .001 and .04, you will see a dramatic difference in the shadows (especially the chair’s shadow).

Again, you will not see the shadows until you press “P” to play.

You can download the edited .blend file at my mediafire here:


In the last couple of months I have just learned how to do a lot of the things on your list, so I can probably help you with more of them when I have time. At least I can show you how I would do it. Good luck!!

@carl_john_fred : Wow thanks man! This help a lot!

@Rubbernuke : Thanks for the tips!

@RossBlenderArt : I hear ya.

Okay thanks guys. I’ll be doing a lot more pythoning one of these days! (First script I ever made worked but crashed blend… and it was 2.49 script too…)