I need help with this model

okay I am trying to make this and I have no Idea where to begin.
for the egg shaped thing in the center I was thinking a meta ball.

please someone help I have no Idea how to make the leaves and how to get started all I have is this concept:

I would actually start with a circle and extrude up. Making the basic shape.

Draw another more Straight version and scan it…Then use the Background feature of blender to trace the contures of center as you extrude.

hows it look so far.

this needs to be 3d also so anyone got any ideas on how to make the leaves im a noob so anyone is welcome to reply or give suggestions. i still have a lot to do.


for the leaves i’d just start with a cube then scale it down on an axis so it’s pretty flat. Then just extrud multiple times into a leaf shape. add textures for bump mapping and color. keep blending!