I need help with UV Mapping on my character model.

Hi, I’m making a character model for a video game. I have successfully modelled him, but whenever I try to UV map him, I cannot seem to get it. I have watched hundreds of tutorials on the internet and I still cannot even “unfold” it.

So I need someone to UV map him (no pay) and email me the texture at [email protected] so I can give him the texture. Here is a download to the .blend file: https://www.mediafire.com/?kvi7b0rn4l29btg

I will also mention the UV mapper’s name in the credits of the game.

Thank you.

You have modelled it but imo it’s far from the therm ‘success’ as far as modelling goes. Thus - problems texturing.

Even this model needs a lot of further work - further sculpting, retopology into a new mesh which you then UV unwrap and texture in detail, proper, not 2 second, armature.

I’d say take a look at some ‘box modelling’ tutorials if you do not want sculpt workflow which can be quite demanding. Watch and start this very same model from the ground up again.

well 2.490,670 Tris for that kind of model is a owerkil not to mention its a mess of too many Bevel modifiers…it is possible to UV it but it’s going to be a waste of time so you need to take it to a reasonable number of tris for the sake of your game