I need help with UV mapping

I’m pretty new to blender, and I’ve got a question about UV texturing: How do I break my meshes down into nets so that I can export myself a template to paint over? I’ve got a little expeirence with 3ds max 5, but blender is just so… different. (in a very good way!) I guess i need some help from a person,
not a website, for this one. Any advice would be greatly appriciated! if I can figure this out, I will be posting my very first blender image soon!a


Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Blender

Sorry, only tuts, but please read them, and if you’ve questions just
post them here

An old one Game engine oriented but easy to understand ( and work) for a UV start:

Another one, an advanced one with the great LSCM tool, not easy to understand:

OK, a quick LSCM tut:
start with the cube
To “unwrap it” ( you say “break”) you must enter Face select mode- F key
Now press U to choose a unwrapp method ( with all faces selected -A key)
Choose LSCM in the menu and look the result in the UV editor window…nothing?!
Well, you can select one ( or more) faces and choose “from window”…but with a 20 000 faces mesh this will became hard
We’ll use the LSCM
Go out Face select mode
Enter edit mode
Enter Edge select mode
Select a U shape edges, press Ctrl-E keys and choose “MArk Seam”
The edges turn Orange.
Out edit mode
Enter Face select mode
The U orange shape it’s allready there
U key, and choose LSCM
Now the cube is “breaked” and unwrapped ( not very well but it’s a start :slight_smile: )
Did you understand the concept
In the Editor Window, in the UV menu you’ve a script to export the UV layout to
paint it in the GIMP

I’m a big fan of video tutorials, because you actually see things being done. That said, I recommend you to Graybeard’s LSCM tutorial at his site http://www.ibiblio.org/bvidtute/

Hope this helps.

Learn UVmapping in 5 minutes…

Then watch that Greybeard tutorial too…