I need help with warping in a project I'm using [SOLVED]

There are two teleporter projects that I’m drawing from.
One is a partially broken Portals project where I need help with fixing one of the cameras.
It’s a script issue.
The second is getting my teleporter in the Cam project I want whatever is assigned to the teleport object to teleport.
I would really like to have this solve because, after fixing many other problems I’ve had this is the game changing big one where solved I can finally compile my game.
Portal.blend (564.8 KB)


If no one already knows, I’m garbage with python but, only know what I’m doing if the coding isn’t too complex so, SOL here!

why not simply teleport follower directly to the player?

like this:
w,s = move
space = jump
teleport follower.blend (533.0 KB)
(you need to add some checks)

I wanted that all along xDD
Thing is I thought it was more complicated than to just have an object hit another object to teleport :blush:
Thank dude!

Do you get what’s going on with the portal1 projection in the Portal.blend?
It’s really been nagging me and makes no sense.
The fault may be line: 69 but, can’t say for sure

Nope sorry, i’m in the same boat as monster is. errors in console that you need to fix, maybe it works after that maybe not, it’s also made for 2.49 not 2.79 can also be the problem. And you are missing object in the hidden layer.

If you don’t need the visuals then look into my teleport resource, few posts down someone submitted his version, it does the same thing but without the visuals.

Isn’t there a way to adjust how close the follower warps behind the active player in your teleporter project?
I actually do need help with an actually teleporter that allows for multiple entry and exit warp zones too.
I tried just animating a relocation to a trigger and the trigger just traps the player.

in my teleport.blend from my resources?

replace last line in script with:

    for obj in collision.hitObjectList:
        obj.worldPosition = position

and remove the collision values from the teleporters bricks.

I’m not here to write custom scripts for everyone, so do some research for the other options, with the code given you can alter it to make it work how you want.

As for following in the above .blend? there is an variable in the script set it to any distance you like.

I’m talking about the above .blend.
I’ve tried using distance_to_teleport_follower = 5.0 but, it just changes the distance for the teleport follower to work.
I’m talking about the proximity the follower is at from the player when they spawn.

ok the fault was totally mine, slept over it and fixed it, here you go:

teleport follower v2.blend (534.2 KB)

(keep follower_spawn_distance < then distance_to_teleport_folllower)

That’s way better.

I was also wondering if there was a way to allow more than one start and end teleport object outside of just using the same script over and over with this project.
teleporter.blend (713.0 KB)

I would really love to use this but, it won’t allow me to use it in a way where I can use multiple start and end zones that lead to different rooms or back where I started.
All other documentation is either outdated or won’t allow me to make a module.

And still you want me to adjust other peoples scripts omg!
Go ask that person!!!

Anyway because i’m to kind, here ya go:
teleporter_adjusted_by_cotaks.blend (746.4 KB)

Well, hey! You’re the only one that answers and the places I get the scripts from are either tied to dead outdated links or they’re second hand.
You are kind and thank you very much!

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I just realized the end location is set to random.
I wanted to be able to setup multiple teleport start as well as teleport end locations per level.

Much like the original but, not random.
(example: t_start1 = t_end1, t_start2 = t_end2, etc.)

Except with the ‘t_start’ game property that it wouldn’t matter how many objects I use to start the teleportation with (like current) but, with the teleport end objects using a ‘t_end’ game property as well.

I still want to be able to have the random teleport option available too. I just don’t want it to be all it can do.

so take my script from resources.

it has an empty as end location place it where you want. the teleporter itself has a property with the name of th end location. You can telepoert to fixed location or random or turn them off.

if you need it on collision instead of by pressing a key, then just alter the bricks.

I didn’t realize it was that simple xDD
I used your resource teleporter, turned off the random teleporter property and assigned an object to warp to.
I could have sworn I’ve done that before but, as busy and sleep deprived as I was I might have forgotten to.
You’re a genius man!
I owe you one big time dude!