I need help

Hi, I am currently new to blender and I was wondering if you can make textures or materials without taking photos or downloading someone else’s texture.

Aside from photography, texture creation is possible by

  • Using Blender’s Node Editor and its procedural textures
  • Painting textures in Gimp, Krita or Photoshop
  • Generating textures in Substance Designer (or alternatively Quixel Mixer)

A fun part is you can also model your texture instead of using a third party software. Sometimes easier.

Thanks! Really appreciate it!

Hi… i think it depends on what level of detail you like to have.
if you maybe need a stuctured wall, then you can simply use noise with a principles shader… and bäng … done… i do this also for plastic materials too… it saves memorie too …
for characters and Models, you can use the blender internal texture painter. you can do great stuff with it… tipp here, you can sometimes saves a bit of work, when you use the YXZ mirror funktion here. i usually use 2049 or 4096 texture sizes… which where i’m ussually create a good quality texture in the end…
For some fine tuning i recommend GIMP. it’s easy to use and free.

Hi, thanks for your suggestions I am really looking forward to making great things!