I need help

I’m newbie to blender and I don’t no too much about the techniques to solve problems …
click the link below to help me our on merging vertex on top of a edge…
This is the link that a posted on reddit to get help

Are you aiming for the middle of that edge? How many of the verts do you want moving there?
Several ways to do it.
Select edge, subdivide it to get a vert in the middle, then snap, or merge to the new vert.
Select the edge and move the 3d cursor to selected, then select verts, set scale to 3d cursor and scale to 0.

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Ooo yeah… I didn’t think about subdividing edge , by the way I to want to move one vertex… thanx… I will try this.

well if you want your model to be with the vertice you aim to move , you can select both the edge and choose “snap cursor to selected” option , ( Shift+S for shortcut i think ) … howerver if you want the model to be less face count you can snap cursor to the same edge and click V to split one of the vertices and put it in the cursor location ( i’m not sure about the shortcuts i’ve told cause i am using 2.7+ version more than the 2.8+ )

hope i helped you :blush:

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thnx for solution but I tried snapping and it seem not working in my case…
I subdivided edge once and merge vertices and happy

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if you have your solution then mark it as a “solution” so others can find it out without need to read all the conversation

thnx I will keep in mind next time