I need help

Ok so I converted a png to svg and imported that into blender the issue I’m having is that majority of the pic I imported is non manifold ! :sob:16049971761382451578737891734852|375x500

I am brand new brand new like only few tutorials under my belt

First of all, what are you want to do with that geometry?

I was wanting to add it to the top of another file but being new I didn’t know I could etch the image into an existing file I downloaded I think I may have found a tutorial to do so but idk if it’ll work with my image yet I’m watching now

No it did not work with my pic

That would be probably better used as texture. But you can select all polygon and use some clean up select all > mesh > clean up there are some options. Blender has addon for 3D print that you have to activate that has an option to make manifold. I would use as well face > beautiful faces it looks better. You can extrude the object a little to work with it as an object. It really depends what it supposed to be.

And dont use just " I need help" try to describe your problem.

How do I activate that and I am trying different image that I like see if it works

Here is a thread that I discuss this problem when importing a Filled SVG into Blender.

In a nutshell, a filled SVG has vertices for the Curves as well as for the Filled Faces…which float on top or underneath the curve vertices that is why you see that real mess on the import…
Far better to import as just a curve, with-out the fill…but in your case, this is not really possible as it is an image file… the best solution I can think of is somewhat @Fowl was saying is to use clean up and remove doubles…but that will take care of only some of the problem…better to delete the faces > cleanup and remove Loose…select the curve and convert to Mesh…then re-“F” ill the faces and texture with the original colors…a lot of work but would get better results in the long run.

Was trying to learn as the need arose cause I really wanted to focus on creating like action figures but I guess I’m gonna have to take the slow approach and learn from a to z and everything in between I just know there is alot I need and probably alot I don’t I just don’t know which is which​:triumph::roll_eyes::cold_sweat:

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