I need help

Hello, my name is Hugo Latorre Bort, and I need help with a problem I have with tracking.
The problem is very simple; I don’t know how to remove a tracker, I’m proving with delete button and it doesn’t work.
I’m new in Blender, so please understand me.

I rarely use tracking, but assuming consistency across Blender. select your track and press “X”.

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Roken, thanks. It worked. Thanks a lot!!

Are you deleting it in the 3D view port or the movie clip editor? If you are on a laptop sometimes the delete key doesn’t work right. Don’t ask why. My laptop has issues when it comes to deleting things in certain windows. Try selecting the marker you want to delete and then using the X key instead. Hopefully a dialogue will popup that says “Delete track?” and just click it. Give that a shot and let us know how it goes. Edit: I was late LOL :rofl:

Don’t worry xD Thanks anyways :wink: