I need help

2 hours on google
and 1 in elysiun forums scearching.

i think i’ll try a post

does anyone know of any good low-poly modeling tutorials for creatures/monsters. i found a few for modeling people and robots, but none for wierd shaped monsters.

please don’t get mad, i really did look

any, I repeat any, help would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance :)[/u]

u mean like this?

i already found “little oto” :slight_smile:
i was looking for a tut for doing weird shapes, wolve type creatures, or cat, or what ever, i want a tut on modeling non-human shaped things

oto is just to humanoid

thanks so much for replying

I would suggest drawing it out and then modeling it. Studying other people’s models is a good way to get better. Just practice. Practice is the best way to get good at anything.

Mean like this?
and be able to move like this?

All I can say is go with the flow and under go organic studies. if you can model and human you can model and other organic (just about)

Well remember this link for in the future. I’ll post someday the whole site here, but this is from the beta test: http://www.blendedreality.nl.tt/blendedreality/resource_link.html

Sutabi’s a BRAGGER :smiley:


thanks everyone. i’ve got enough to get started and now it’s time to do the real work :slight_smile:
well off i go to spend the next few hours devoting my time to blender

thanks again,

HOLY!!! Lol, well, Sutabi does have something to brag about. IK_solvers for the legs, ehh?

Hmm, modeling non-human creatures just takes imagination and some decent modeling skills.

Hey, JD-Multi don’t forget to post a link to wiseman303’s extensive list of tutorials. http://wiseman303.dyndns.org/b3d/tutlinks.html

Jason Lin

Yep Goldentaiji, I’m redoing it because a lot of links are death on that webpage. :frowning:

When you said non-human shapes, I first thought of these tutorials (which can also be found on my links page that goldentaiji mentioned.)

http://www.loonygames.com/content/1.13/totb/ (Part 1)
http://www.loonygames.com/content/1.14/totb/ (Part 2)
http://www.loonygames.com/content/1.16/totb/ (Part 3)

Sutabi, not all of us can be modeling gods like you :stuck_out_tongue:

Wiseman, hey nice modeling tute of that quake 3 arena character monster :stuck_out_tongue: Well anyways most of the times I draw my character first, then let my brain think about making it 3D and the I model it :smiley:

Here’s a good tip… get a cool blueprint and press the view button in blender’s down left corner>>and press background image. Make a model out of a cube with logical thinking and don’t rush and if something goes wrong, just press undo :wink: