I need help

I am trying to make an animation I made play on windows media player or quicktime thing. I am sort of a newbie to Blender. Please help

hi, you mean you have made an animation, and now you wish to make it into a movie? in render buttons, change the format ( default is tga ) to ‘avi codec’ and select the kind of compression you want. one option is quicktime, and most of them will play on windows media player. cinepak is probably the most universal. plays on anything. avi jpeg is also good for a small file size.

I’m sorry, I did every thing now there is an error when I try to open it with windows media player.

how do I save the file so I can open it in under the blender folder, how do I acctually save it, I try to do it but somehow it always messes up.

Pressing “ANIM” in F10 saves it (you don’t need to save anything thru the File menu) to the folder you specify in the “Output” tab in F10. If you neglect that it will save to the folder you specify in the User Prefs window under Filepaths in the “Render” field. If you neglect that it will save to a .tmp folder in the folder where the present file is saved.


Pressing “ANIM” in F10 saves it to the folder you specify in the “Output” tab in F10[quote][/quote]

…providing you’ve selected an appropriate movie format (AVI, Quicktime) otherwise it will save a bunch of images.

Thank you, it works. There is only one problem however. The thing I am making is an animation and I am trying to take one picture out of it for something else. So I set the mode for png. When I save the picture, or press the anim button, it only takes a picture of the first frame, and I want it to take a pictue of the 70th. It doesn’t help when I set the frame to the 70th either. Help please?