I need help

I was wondering if there was anyway to make eyes only turn in the eyesockets and to make it so that they never leave the head? Can someone help me?

did you try parenting the eyes to the head mesh?

try the “center new” button.

did you try parenting the eyes to the head mesh?

The problem with this is that if the head mesh deforms, as it would if animated with an armature, the eyes will not move in relation to it properly. So my next thought was to armature-constrain them using the same bone as moves the face. This works okay. However, if you want to use a track-to constraint on the eyes, then it will get screwed up when the head is in a deformed position, because the eyes get pulled away from their object centers, but the tracking is calculated from the centers.

So I think the best thing is to vertex parent each eyeball to a single vertex in the center of each eyesocket. Then add a “gaze” bone which is part of the armature, out in front of the face, and parented (but not connected) to the bone which orients the face. Use a “track to” constraint from the eyes to the “gaze” bone. That way the eyeballs will stay in their sockets (vertex parenting) move their gaze as the face moves, and also be possible to direct independently, by moving the gaze bone around.