i need help

i read the Bsod introduction to GE yesterday and ive been trying to build a simple game i figuered out how to make the camera move follow the ball but i need to know
1 how do i change the view depending on the location of the ball do i kave to use python and do i have to use some curve or animate the camera or something

2 i got the ball moving around but how do i get it flip directions when i go in the opposite direction i mean how do i get the up key for example to always move me in the direction of the camera(this is what i need the most)

3 ive been trying to get the mouse pointer on the screen but i had no luck

please help me i had some screen shoots but i did not know if i should post them here so point me to tutorial or give me some info

I only have time for number three:

3: This will require python. split the 3d view in half, and make the other half a text editor. Add a new text to edit, and call it showmouse. Next, in the actual text part, type these lines:

import Rasterizer as r
r. showMouse(1)

next, select your camera, add an “always” sensor, and deselect the button that has a ‘’’ on it. Then, conect it to a python controller, and for the script that the controller uses, type in showmouse.Now, when you press P, your mouse will be visible.

thanks a lot