i need help

hey guys i have this fps not very good but i was wondering with my two guns and my empty how do i get it so that when i switch weapons the empty goes back to my pistol

and also for my sniper how do i get it to shoot like boom wait a second boom

thanks in advanced im kinda new to this so thanks

come on plz answer me im stuck on this

No idea what your trying to do here, you will have to add more detail for anyone to help you out.

Use a timer object/property, in your shooting logic check that this timer has reached a certain value (1000 milliseconds == 1 second delay), if it has then fire the bullet. If the desired amount of time hasn’t elapsed on your timer object, then don’t shoot. After firing your round, make sure to reset the timer/counter back to zero.

for the pistol thing, maybe using two empties for each gun? then just link the second empty up like you did the first one. I don’t know worth a try.

thanks so much wow that was a fast respon i will try them

hey how do i put my file up so that yall can get it and tell me what i need to know ty in advance

ok when i try to do that and name the property i doesnt work because it makes it (the name)1 to hendore