I need help!

I need like a mentor or something to be able to guide me through. First off, on the packing exe things, when I follow the instructions, I get stuck at the menu like “FILE” because I think I have the wrong version.

Second, the games I’m testing for myself don’t let me use the button’s when I choose what I was to control the object.

Please structure your post better and put in more information.

  1. It would be useful to know what version of blender you have
  2. I just don’t understand the second part

In 2.49 it is:
File -> Save game as runtime

in 2.57 it is a longer process:
File -> User Preferences
Addons tab
Game engine subtab
Click the little box next to the script “save game as runtime”
Close the User Prefrences window

File -> Export -> Game as Runtime

You may not have the logic bricks wired together. I do not actually know, as i can’t see the blend.