I need Help


I have an problem in linking the game with other game I used start new game the files of the games are stored in the same folder ?
when start new game it will work correct but if the second game want return to the first one the problem happen?

Wrong section - you want the Support section. In any case, I can’t quite understand your problem. What are you trying to do, and what is the issue?

there are two games
first,the main game which is link to the second game (with start new game acutater) and the second game will return to first game (main game) it work.but when the second game return to first game it not work .

note: the game files are in the same folder

That’s odd. Are you sure you have the set-up correct (that the second game does indeed return to the first)? What is the problem exactly - does the BGE quit?

the second game BGE (start new game the first game) and on specific scene
thnaks for help

Well, since you have a problem you need to use more words to explain it!
Are both games identical? Do the blends need a first blend .to get started? Did you set both games so one can cycle between them? Can you post a blend? Can you show a screenshot? Can you explain your problem from the beginning? Like,’ I have a game like this…, and I want it to do that, so that this happens. But somehow I can’t because the second blender won’t start the first!’

it sounds like u need to work with scenes each blend file is its own game what u need to do is in your first game create a new scene then go to that scene then append or link objects into that scene from other game and and set up game logic to switch between scenes by the way I use 2.49b "does this help u

yes, it will help me but If I do that it may be overload in game cause the number of scenes will too much it around 25 scene

and what is the different in append or link between scene and object?
thank you

Sorry for weakness in language,I will explain the problem as you said
the games that i have some are identical and some are not.let I give an exmaple as game1and game2 (but actual it around five games)
All games are separated then I collect it in to one folder,My game story is when the game1 started then when the player select game 2 from the displayed button it will be transfer the player to game3 and after the player has finished or he exit game2 he will return to game1.

note: before transfer between games there is a scene that contain an animation and sound

that it I hope the meaning now is cleared
thank you for your help

you could instead put the second game.blend you have onto another scene within the first game and switch to that scene witch has a animation and a sound that plays then disappears, and then lets you go on with that scene or whatever. sry probaly didnt help you much its hard to explain.