I need help !

hello my name is mary, blender community i just got kind of a problem i downloaded blender everything works fine and all i even bought the book but it seems each time i try to work on it it doesnt work long story short when i try puting background image to try to make the picture 3D like the book says it doesnt appear like i add it and all but it just doesnt appear what do i do im crying over here helpp please

if I understand you right, you have loaded an image to model round? but cant see the image
these background images can only be seen in the view its loaded into
eg load image for front and you only see it in front camera view (1 on keypad)
think you have to be in ortho mode as well (5 on keypad)

hope that helps

Mary, you’ll have to be a lot more specific to get help here. For example, you refer the “the book” but don’t tell us what book it is. If you did, perhaps someone who has the same book can help you. Of course it would also help if you referred to the specific section or page of the book you’re having trouble with. Finally, people here often ask you to upload your .blend file so they can help you fix it. You can do this on www.pasteall.org/blend.

  • Bill

Also, please make your posts readable. Sentences and punctuation exist for a reason. If you’re going to ask questions, don’t make it hard for people to understand them. That is, if you want to get answers, of course.