I need hosting!

Since it seems that Reblended no longer works (I can’t get ftp to login nor can I even find my website) :frowning: I’ve taken up looking for a cheap host (under 5 bucks a month) that provides FTP access, has decent uptime and provided 50-100 meg of space. I don’t need goodies like CGI, asp, php/sql etc. I’d prefer linux based servers over windows (unix is fine but I like linux better). Offsite image linking must be allowed as well.

And they have to have good tech. support. I know my chances of finding such a company are nill but I figured I’d give it a try.



this place http://www.hostignition.com/ seems to be good, and it has all that with the base plan.
I have always used my own server, so I don’t really know.

talk to Shay, he offers hosting.

http://www.freepgs.com If I remember their cheapest plan is $3 for 50 megs (comes with some of the stuff you don’t want like php). $6 for 100 megs. All bandwidth is unmetered, so you won’t have to worry about that unless you start really sucking up the resources, but I’ve never had that problem. Support is just a forum, or you can e-mail the server admins. Somebody around there can help you with anything you need.

I’ve used them since early January, and haven’t had many problems since they started making people pay.

How bought now being a cheap ass and buying a good host! :wink:

One host I know of that is cheap is solidinternet.com. It is Unix-based.

The cheapest hosting plan is $29.95 annually (which is about $2.50 a month). 500 MB webspace, with 10GB transfer. I don’t know if they are any good, but they say that the support is limited.

www.ikx.no was reccomended to me by NOR.J. It’s free, it has unlimited space, but you need to become a member after a year. Ask NOR.J about it for more info.


http://httpd.apache.org/ :wink:

I’ve got two:

and www.1and1.com-they’re giving some free software when you join; I will go here when I find a good domain name…

http://www.blendedreality.cjb.net Well soon, but only in summer holiday it goes 4 weeks offline each year because I can’t think about my house would set in fire because the processor got overheated and burned my room. So only that days it goes offline. :smiley: Btw that service will be online for everyone soon, a new public ftp, some space for projects and so on. :smiley:

ditto the host that i use would cost you about $5 a month.

4Gb Transfer
100Mb disk space.
fast support
a free penut slab

it does unfortunatly have lots of features that you don’t really want. 50 subdomains, 25 e-mail addys, php, mySQL,

it has all the common modules installed, Cpanel…its got everything.

but the server is in NZ, so perhaps its not for you :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn, Alltaken! I gotta get me some space there. A friend of mine just bought space from some guy for about the same price. They only have like 100 megs of bandwidth and 4 or so email addys. Sounds like a rip off now :wink:


the prices are in NZ dollars, so you will need to convert them to US dollars.

dunno the current conversions though.


I host my sever at my house so I have no idea how it works cuz my dad maintans it.
All i know is that i use the same gallery software as you.

Alltaken, 1and1.com has better stuff than that, 500MB, 5GB a month, ftp and all that stuff, for only $5 a month. And it is a good host.

SamAdam, my single requirment (for many reasons) when getting my hosting plan, was that the servers and the company was 100% based in ym country.

which means i am paying perhaps 2-3x the price of an offshore host.

you see the country is connected to the world via an undersea cable, and we pay a heck of a lot of bandwidth costs on it. the US based servers seem to have many times the bandwidth available to them for almost free.

but basicly, our consumer protection laws, are very very tough.
i can connect to my host even if international traffic fails.
if the rest of the world goes to war, i can connect to my host
i am supporting local peoples families and the local economy(its a smallish host with 2000 odd customers)

and more importantly, i can connect to my host at national rates, (we get charged 10x the bandwidth costs for international connections, so if i have 10Gb transfer limit a month international, i can use 100Gb nationally)

so yeah, internationally its gonna be far cheaper.


This may interest you…


Shbaz, that’s the cheapest one I’ve seen, but 50MB is too small if you want to post High-res pics…I like that it has php support…

No it isn’t, and it fits his requirements.

50Mb is plenty.

but please note the $10 setup fee

this makes the deal really about $4 a month. and that is NOT A GOOD DEAL.

a hosting company could say $0.50 a month for 500Mb… and then say, oh and a one off $60 setup fee LOL

read the fine print.