I need ideas for a logo

my friend just started a youtube channel as well as a twitchtv channel. he needs a logo for it. the logo needs to be 800x800 but also needs to have detail that is recognizable at 96x96. his channel is called “leagueofidiotsgaming”. his only idea was a logo with the letters “LOI”. I’m having trouble thinking of anything else that would represent a “league of idiots” that could fit in 96x96.

any ideas?

You know it is your job and creativity? :wink: 96 by 96 is quite big…LOIG on you screen… for example… when you read it it is small. Try to play with that or find a good solid graphical sollution. I would try to setup a big L and oig in front of it or LG big left and right and io in the middle… for the first playing arround with that logo… Or maybe big L in backgound oi in the middle an G in front of… depends on what their ideas are. Ask your friend what the idea is to do a logo like this… gives you much more ideas than my ideas… when you gather everything im sure you will have some inspiration and an idea for a good logo… good luck