I need ideas

I need an idea of what to make. i’m very artistic but not very creative. although once i get an idea i can make it pretty good…i havn’t been blending that long so i’m not that skilled on using the program. :smiley:

You could try this https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=306717&highlight=#306717 then :slight_smile:

You could also try finding some tutorials to work through if you don’t consider yourself to be very talented. In my experience doing a tutorial and learning a new technique can be quite inspiring. Good luck :smiley:

That’s an oxymoronic statement if I’ve ever heard one! How can one be artistic and not creative? Isn’t creation a core component of the definition of “artistic”? … kidding :slight_smile:

BTW, wrong forum for this question… try blender general

If you are looking for something to blend, just use your imagination. You could try a simple outdoor scene or an indoor one. Or you could reblend an old one. You could also do a search on the web for 3d contests, there are tons out there. I like the WC here. Or you could try to do a tut like Desoto said. Just try anything.


i think i am just gunna try and make some swords that i found on the net…its gunna be kinda hard for me so i might need some help from u guys

hey, no problem. that’s what we’re here for.

[begin.sarcastic.remark] no I’m sorry, I’m MUCH too busy to help n00bs right now…[end.sarcastic.remark]

sure. anything you need, aside from a back rub, were here for ya!

yeah i will soon have a lot of concept art for people with no-imagination to blend.

you can do old stuff, new stuff, the most recent stuff (and get it voted on).


You may also want to try <shocked_voice>reading a book!</shocked_voice> Sometimes it helps to stir up the imagination even though it is an ancient and obsolete pass-time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You may also want to try <shocked_voice>reading a book!</shocked_voice> Sometimes it helps to stir up the imagination

… or even, dare I say it, get outside and take a walk around the neighborhood! Go to a car show… visit the Grand Canyon… ride the ferris wheel at the fair… eat a picnic lunch by the river (fishing pole in hand, of course!)… whatever! The world out there is very inspiring… soak it in! I believe everyone has imagination… sometimes we have to close our physical eyes and let our mind’s eye take over.