I need more space

I need more space for what I want to do, how do I accomplish that?

Is this possible? Or am I limited to those borders?


blenders only size limits are in the game engine, when your running the game. this manifests as wiggling due to precision.

however, blender does have a low limit of 0.001 units, details get a little sketchy at that size. any normal modelling situation should be more or less unlimited in size. but the resolution of polys are another matter, limited by computer “size”.

EDIT: just so you know, i regularly model 20km (20,000 units) in size when making maps for my games.

the only issue is setting the camera clipping to 0.05 - 15,000 in the “N” panel under “View”. also in the Camera Settings.

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The grid is just there as a reference. You can can make your scene as large or as small as you need it to be.

For physical objects, it may be useful for you to set Blender to use physical units.