I need portal blend and other help.

  1. Can someone post the portal demo blend that was here a while ago.
    2) Can someone post a blend that plays an animation frame based on the x-pos of the mouse on the screen.


I just rigged up a portal demo. where do you want the object to go when it goes through it? should it be random or a set place. I included both but just say if you want it different.

Doesn’t matter I just need something that will place a portal on a wall or at the end of a ray. The file you have made should work if you post a link. I’m thinking about toying with an idea based on sliders.

oops I thought I attached it well I’ll post it in a little bit then


Portal.blend (186 KB)

kkewley, I have taken the portal, and edited a few elements so it would allow the player to go round the portal to getback to the start rather than hit R. See how you like it.


Portal.blend (191 KB)