I need programming help...

ok, I really need help with programing because im trying to make a game for the psp because they found a way to run homebrew apps on it and i wanted to make a game for it. But the problem is that i suck at programming, so if make the modles an the levels can somone team up with me to make a game…thats what im asking, can someone team up with me to make a game?

If you have any advice thanks…but if you want to help thanks even more.
(im thinking a megaman game)

please start with a pc game using opengl or directx first, there are more than enough docs on how to do that and the tools available for little or nothing are much easier to use than psp homebrew stuff

[I’m playing with homebrew-ish ps2 development and it is some pretty crazy stuff. Having the docs for the graphics hardware is very useful, I have no idea when they might make or find something similar for the psp [so far the best things have been rendered entirely by the cpu, the graphics chip is not well understood but the homebrew commmunity]]

What about pygame, I read that it is easier to use than opengl and directx.
And is Blenders game engine not supported by psp or does the game need to be all in code?

I think you need a game engine that runs on programming languages such as c++ and openGL, compile it for de DS and have it then run on it. It isn’t that easy to make a game engine, right now I’m trying to make a game engine running a compiled version of pyhton and extensions to python using build in functions I made, sort of openGL bindings for python.

I got something really simple working and since that worked I’m gonna learn all the programming languages needed for that before I continue. :stuck_out_tongue:

pygame is a python interface to SDL, SDL [Simple Direct Layer…] can be used for 2d graphics and it ought to use whatever library is availiable that it can deal with. So in windows it should use directx, but it might use opengl [I have no idea]. SDL is for 2d drawing and hasn’t been ported to the psp so you couldn’t use it

blender has also not been ported to the psp, you couldn’t use blender’s game engine there. A much older version of blender [2.04] had its game engine ported the the ps2 if I recall, but the two platforms [playstation 2 and playstation portable] are very different hardware wise.

now that I think about it, isn’t there a kit for the ps1 or something, yaroze?

… probably a bit dated, still you’d have to code there too

Maybe off topic, but i remember there was also the “NOT yaroze” solution (free tools to develop for PS1)

For one were do I get directx and two isnt opengl and directx just like pygame, dont they all use 2d graphics?

directx is a collection of libraries, it contains direct3d which like opengl allow you to do both 2d and 3d graphics

directx also has parts for audio, input [joystick support] and networking [though it isn’t supported anymore]

to develop a program that uses directX you need the directX sdk, which is pretty big [couple hundred meg if I recall]
most recent SDK I found

umm, it is a lot more difficult to write games for directx or opengl than in python for pygame… uhhh

check the FAQs in the forums at
lots and lots and lots of info there