I Need Some a Model for my book


I hope this is the right place of such thread

I`m translating “Blender Basics 3rd Edition” to Arabic in attempt to spread the word about Blender among Arabic readers.
This translation, like It’s Original source will be licensed under Common Creative License ie “Completely Free”
This is just a step in this effort, the next will be a Youtube channel for Arabic video tutorials and thank god the 1st step is going well so far.

I opened this thread because I need a simple but beautiful Model for the stills and the snapshots for Blender interface. I prefer a model of an object like a car, airplane or what ever, and I don’t want to use mine because I don’t think that they r good enough to present Blender.
I promise that your work will be used only for the stills and if don’t feel comfortable to post it here you can send it as an attachment.

For cultural reasons I can’t use a model of a human or an animal.

This is a chance to contribute in spreading Blender and put your name on this work

Sorry for the typo in the title …

Maybe you could use THIS.
The creator of it shared his .blend file on that page.

Thank you very much, That is a very good model
and because of you I found this http://www.blendermodels.org/
So, many many thanks