i need some AI help

Hello, i need some ai help for a space game .I need it for the enemys. Thanks if some one help

Ok, a few problems:

[1] Wrong section, this belongs in the discussion section.

[2] AI is complex and diverse, there is no one size fits all solution.

[3] You gave next to no details about your game. Both Mass Effect and Asteroids take place in space. The setting has little to no bearing on the AI requirements.

Make a new thread in the support and discussion section. In it describe the genre of game, not just the setting. Say what you want to be AI controlled and how you want it to act.

AI works as a flow chart of if then statements. If [player is 2 units away] then [switch to attack mode]. What you need to do is plan out your flow chart of what the stimulus (the if part) and the reaction (the then part) is for each action you want the character to perform. If you have all of this information then the community will be able to help you to make your AI very quickly.

ok, i do it