I need some an idea or similar tutorial

Hi All,

I am looking for some example of modelling MilkyWay or SpaceGalaxy.
If somebody knows where I can find that?

Wow, that a new one. I don’t know if there are any tutorials for Blender on how to do it, but it’s seems pretty easy. Here’s some thoughts.

Galaxy = static partical effects. Could also = less partical effects and a flat plane with a texture. But yeah, partical effects.

You’ll need to have a handful of emiters to get the different colors of the galaxy to work right, and to have that bright center and even visible dust clouds viewable from the side if you want to get relly accurate.

Having a flat texture, or a number of flat textuers could help reduce the number of particle effects used for the disc section of the galaxy.

Ok, is it possible to use some still image as world, then by camera moving around to make illusion a rotation ? Or I have to use some mapped plane to see this effect?

Map a star map to a large sphere so as you move the camera it points to a different part of the star map

So it should be some mesh? If I am using just a world, it will not?
Is it true?

How to map the sphere inside?..


You could make several UV or even ICO spheres,one inside the other. Map a texture on each sphere.Apply a low Alpha to each material. Give a slightly different Ipo curve to each sphere for rotation. Make several planes with a texture an also an alpha,and make them rotate slowly…


someone made a galaxy usingparticle being sucked inwords via the new particle interaction fuction within blender

so, someone knows, but i don’t, sorry

Guys! Who knows, please advice how to do the Galaxy, please, please, please!!!