I need some blender characters (not rigged) for animation $100 dollars per each one

I need like 30 blender characters, not rigged.
I need them with good topology for animation.

The characters should be similar like this:

I dont have blueprint (2d design), I give the characteristics of the characters, I give images of characters that exist and I need that the characters be similar those characters (the characters that already exist).

I need that the eyes be like pixar eyes, (remember that you shoul make just one eye and you can use this eye for the others characters changing the colors). If you dont know Pixar eyes, look in youtube “blender pixar eyes”.

I need the characters with material and texture.

I pay $100 dollars per each one.

Right now I have defined some characters, but I need minimum 30 character for an animation.

If there are any interested please answer me to jpenso78 hotmail.com



Sent you a PM

Just sent you an email.

PM sent. Have a great day.

see my this character if you like

Its rigged. It has lipsync shapes also and it can run walk and talk
(its not 2d. Its freestyle )

Yeah, I’m up for this, that’s exactly the style of characters that I usually do.
Sent an email.

I sent a MP

Hi there.

I saw you’re request for 30 anime-style characters ready for rigging and animation.

First of all, look at my showreel at http://yogyog.org and the rigged charactor models on http://yogyog.org/wiki/doku.php?id=musicvideos:armouredtheory-deadmanshand and http://yogyog.org/wiki/doku.php?id=shortfilms:deathwax

I’d be perfectly happy to model and texture these, and I can make them ready for rigging. I can rig them as well.

Also - I expect a lot of these models can be variations of other models. Once one model is fully rigged, inducing facial rig, it would make sense to copy this model, distort it’s shape, and change details like hair and cloths.

I’m down for this

Hi Jaime,

I’m really interested by your offer.
I’m a 3D graphic designer freelance and I think I can take this deal.

Check out my portfollio on www.p2design.eu and also some old characters (all rigged) on https://cgcookie.com/profile/pieriko/

Looking forward for your answer.