I Need Some Help Modeling A Car

fist off i would like to know if anyone has a tutorial for modeling a car. i cant seem to find an in depth tutorial. i only know how to model the side of the car then extrude. i can do the wheels and animation easily but i need help shaping the body of the cars. below is the preview of a quick car i made up…

could someone please help i want my modeling to continue i am in love with it. theres only one problem working with blender, if you come across a problem theres nothing to help you figure it out except by days and days of playing around with stuff. no resources barely… so if you would please help me out any way possible i would highly appreciate it!!!


Cars are easy. You import a blueprint. Then you place a plane and extrude it so it has the shape of the car. Then you look from the front if you started with the side. When both look good, you divide the car with a loop cut. Remove the faces on one of the sides, then you use the mirror modifier and then you start tweaking adding faces and if you want a really nice car. You can use the sculpt tool. Easy, but it can take time…remember to use subsurf if you want a good looking car. If you want it in a game, remember to not have too many faces!