I need some help texturing and unwrapping a game model

I have already unwrapped this mausoleum model, and i painted some rock textures onto it, but its not quite good yet. The goal is to make it look cartoony, a bit exagerrated, like in Blizzard games of other fantasy games. I am new to texturing and i really dont know where to go from here:

I could link the .blend as well, but I’d rather not, because i want to learn how to do it properly myself. Any given critique and help is welcome!

Well…the main probleman is with the texture itself… Yours is prety plain, what doesn’t look good. Try to add more details, search for references, ect.

Main thing with color map is to crate AO map. Use that AO image, and overlay color on it to come up with main color map texture.

I have some issues with the texture space, I’ll try to fix that first.

I have a bunch of free old tombstone and mauseolum textures on my site:

Scroll down, and you’ll see a mausoleum (not a texture, just a reference image). You might try adding some of the details in those textures to your map. Carvings etc…

Here is a nice crypt door texture (it’s mine as well):

I have lots of other textures as well. Just use the links to the right and navigate through the categories.

Here is the front of a crypt for reference (mine also):

Notice the stains and damage on the stones.

Ok, good luck!

I definetly made some process :smiley:
Gonna refine it and make it a bit more cartoonish.

It might be a bit overcontrasted, not even cartoonish yet.

Some tweaks done, but its not quite good yet.

I did an other UV layout and made a new texture as well, but its a bit stretched here and there for sure.