I need some help with my space ship game..?

Just a simple Question.

I have this game that i’m working on. It is about a space ship and when ever the space ship touches anything that isn’t a power up it explodes. currently the game is very slow on my computer. i was wondering if anyone could tell me why or if it is just me?

Alien Space Game2.blend (363 KB)

If you use “Game” -> “Show Framerate and Profile”, you’ll see that you’re physics is out of control. I’d mess around with the physics meshes. Changing the two fire pieces to “No Collision” helped a lot. That, or switching from convext hull to something simple like box reduced it dramatically. I’d make a physics proxy and use the “Sensor” physics option. Using this simpler mesh for physics will help bring the physics down a lot. :wink:

Like to 2nd and emphasize what Moguri said. Change the two fire pieces completely fixes the framerate slowdown for me, and the “framerate and profile” option is useful. You should also make the canopy on layer 2 a “no collision” object.

THANKS FOR THE COMMENT! What i did was i took a screen shot of the ship and i made the ship 2D i will try your ideas and see if they help. i like 3D much better.