i need some help

yes, im new here but i’ve been working with blender for a while, but i really want to try a make a game. Does anyone know any good tutoriols to complete this? (maybe one like the walkthrough on the blender site), and can someone explain to me how python works and what it does exactly. (i know these seem like stupid questions, but i really want to learn how to make games, and i cant find any tutorials like really explain things really well) thanks in advance for the help

Look at the sticky at the top of this forum (and post Game engine q’s there too:


For Python, start with the 2.25 API doc in the download section of www.blender.org or search for a thread called Links.py in the Python and Plugins forum here. For the walkthru search for “walkthrough” posted by “Broken” for a link to tuts.