I need some info on C++ (paid)

-file read and write #2
-something similar to dictionary that is in python #1
console , no gui

low pay , but pay anyhow

private message…

It is something like this I figured…

#include "pch.h"      // Required I guess :/
//#include <iostream>   // Printouts and input to variables.
#include <string>     // This is important line regarding of type string variables.
#include <fstream>    // Include file input output stream.
//#include <vector>     // Can be used to similarly somewhat to what is dictionary in python like.
#include <unordered_map>
using namespace std;

int main()

void VoidMainDoesNotReturn()
	unordered_map<string, double>Dictionary{

	cout << "Rectangle corner angle " << Dictionary["RectangleCorner"] << endl;

File out and in something like this >>
ofstream FileOut=open("outfiletext.txt") 
ifstream FileIn=open("infiletext.txt")
string Puttexthere;
FileOut >> Pttexthere;