I need some information about this cpu

Hi, I am planning to buy a i3 9100f,so do I need to buy an external gpu? I mean I dojt have money to get a gpu, and i know that we csn get ryzen apu, but I heard that i3 is good for gaming comaoted to ryzen in the same pricepoint

So I want to ask is it neccesary for me to buy a gpu if I go with a i3 9100f?

I need immediate answers pls, thanks

What are you going to use it for?

The i3 9100f is a budget cpu on the lower end.
Make sure it is compatible with your motherboards socket, the i3 9100f uses a LGA1151 socket.

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I meam I dont need it specifically for blender or gaming, I just want something bettet than my current rig (currently I have a single core amd apu and 2gb ram, so this cpu is ALOT better), so I womt mind if I wont be able to heavy gaming, and whats the answer to my question

Unless you’re going to play really old games, you’re going to need a GPU.

You mentioned you currently have an AMD CPU, in that case the i3 9100f will not be compatabile with your current MB. You’re basically going to have to replace the MB and RAM if you want that CPU since it needs a new MB and your old RAM will most likely not be compatible with the new MB.

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Nvm bro, I have decided not to but a i3 9100f,instead,I am gonna get a ryzen 3 1300 apu, it has integrated graphics, so yeah, it can rum games like gta 5,CSGO and can rum blender, so thanks for your time man, have a good day!

Should be able to run CSGO at 720p but it won’t be able to run GTA 5.

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Yes. You need an extrnal GPU for that CPU. i3 9100 (without the f) has an iGPU.

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Oh, so the non f version has an igpu, thats good, thanks for letting me know

Depends on which game

Depends on which OS

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I am going to play games like gta 5, csgo and I am going to use windows 7


It would be a gamble

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I wouldn’t gamble though

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I can’t find that model as APU. These are the Ryzen 3 APUs (3200G and 2200G) :

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