I need some modeling work done, but have some questions...

There is an old Macintosh game I’d like to remake or make one similar to it and I would need some character models w/ animations and textures made. I am not an artist by any means, so doing it myself is not an option.

I would need two human models, one is the player, the other is a mummy (think Egypt), a monkey (not sure of the species yet), a lioness, cobra, rat, spider, and a scorpion. Not as many characters as most current games, but still quite a bit. I’ve seen the sites out there that have 3D models for sale, but the quality is just not that good.

So, what I’d like to know is what could I expect to pay for these models? What is reasonable for the artist to ask for? This would not be a commercial game, so no dreams of giant royalty checks. It would have to be a one-time payment.

I’m about to start on the game engine, so this is going to be down the road quite a bit. I don’t even know what file format I’ll be using for models or whether I’ll be animating them with software (what I’d like to do) or using a file format with animated models.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

This thread might help you:-

do you want the models to come with animations already. and if you were to use other peoples models you would have to make the game free (wich is what i recommend.) and also do you know how to use the game engine.

I would advise posting your full idea in the Game Engine section.

I’m making my own engine, so I’m not sure that will help.

Thanks. That gives me some idea of what to expect.