i need some models

i know this is kind of mean in asking and i have looked for models i need and cannot find anything i need a model fo a horse not high poly but good looking the full horse not the head i also would like some other animals if you guys know anywhere that i can get dxf blender or lightwave models can you tell me thanks for the help

You can get models in various formats that can be loaded into Blender using the Import scripts, from this site:


Be sure to read the notices that might be included with model downloads so that you know whether the model can be used in commercial applications or strictly for personnal use.

yes but im on a mac and i cannot use the exe’s…

The last Apple I used was an Apple II+ … if that gives you any idea of how useful I’ll be … sorry … :expressionless:

What exe’s?

just wondering how successful you’ve been with getting a horse model? I have been working on one, and have about 1/4 of it done with relative accuracy. I need to add some realistic hair for the main and tail - that should prove to be challenging with my abilities, knowledge of python (none) and time (almost none).
How does blender work on your mac, and what kind of mac do you have? My interface is <u>really</u> choppy, but the models spin around great.

Exe’s are Windows executible files (something that ends in *.exe).