I need some quick help :3

Hello there, gods of Blender :smiley: I’m a noob at Blender and have spent a couple of hours trying to figure out why some camera stuff doesn’t work, and spent around an hour or so making a coffee cup, so, about 3 hours of experience with the help of tutorials on YouTube.

The thing is though, I’d like to make a room, and I’m having a big problem here. I have no idea how to make a door, and there’s absolutely nothing out in the internet that can help me. I’ve searched in YouTube, and Google, no success. And then I searched up a Blender forum so I could ask :3 Don’t laugh at me :frowning:


might help to get an answer if you say what wont work on your camera

as for the house try these links am sure one of them will help you

have fun