i need some render power! Help!

well i need someone to render a cycles animation for me
because on my machine it’s been rendering for 10 days and still hasn’t reached even half of it.
that’s pretty bad because the animation is for the blenderguru sci fi competition.
and only 3 days are left. i even asked the help on a nearby cybercafe but no hope.
so i seek the help from someone who has got a powerful machine,
i can tell you specifications of the animation beforehand
27 seconds 30 fps and 75 samples each frame.
anyone interested?

how big is it
as in blender file size

about 19 mb

leme see what i can do XD
i can haz file?

please give me your e-mail id. I’ve tried to upload it here ten times now and there seems to be a problem.

lol [email protected]

i still need some render power, please! now very powerful machine is needed as one more day is wasted (by rendering on my machine)

If you upload the file may i can help.
< than 30 MB http://www.pasteall.org/blend/
> than 200 MB http://www.file-upload.net/?section=9
(freiwillig) mean, only if you want.
And post wich frames you need.

Cheers, mib.

finished uploading :spin:.
here is the file
please render from frame 800 to 1730 at 75 samples

It is on the way, need 8-9 hours.

Cheers, mib.

very very much thanks to you sir, i can’t tell you how much I’ve been struggling with the rendering part.:smiley:

what’s the progress ? hope it’s good.

Hi, rendering is finished but i have problems with upload.
It is need to split a compressed 7z file to several files for uploading.
You need winrar to uncompress.
The file is about 2.9 GB! and it need time to upload but i have a fast internet connection.
Report if upload is finished.

Cheers, mib.

Hi, i have setup a ftp server, to much errors during uploading.
You could reach the files here:


Cheers, mib.

seems to be a problem opening the page, it’s showing :-
Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.
please check. and very much thanks to you sir .
it was also asking for a password.

It seams you are downloading now?

You can try to use a ftp software.
Login is: anonymous
No password needed.

Chjeers, mib

it’s taking too long to download, i fear.
would making a video file from these reduce the file size?

Yes of course, post the settings and i render video file.
This need only a few minutes.
I am watching this thread.

CHeers, mib.

H.264 default blender settings.
30 fps