I need some tech help

How can i prevent my IP address from being seen by servers… i used a high anonimous proxy and they can still see it… i need help and i don’t like to use programs…

unplug your computer from the internet… do it imediatly.

How do you expect a server to send you info when you connect to it, if it doesn’t have a return address.

i mean seriously.




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If you have cable or DSL, you could always get a firewall router. Sure, they’d still be able to see the IP that your ISP gave you, but your machine will have an IP of something along the lines of Since it’s a firewall router, very few ports will be open, and all the rest closed unless you manually open them. You can also have multiple computers online at the same time that way, for the price of one connection :wink:

Or, you could just take Alltaken’s advice :smiley:

OK… well i was looking more along the lines of being invisible…

Suggestions (none of which are legal): Wardrive until you find someone with an open wireless network, then leach and do your dirty work. Alternatively, you could “find you way into” someone’s unpatched, default Windows XP Home box, or some fool running an unpatched Windows Internet Information Server, then do your browsing/nasty crap from there.

Really, what exactly do you want to do that you require that you be completely untraceable?

I read something on PC Magazine about this, going to find that article…but in summary, you have to pay for the service…example site:http://www.findnot.com/prices.html

Just do your haxx0ring at the library like the rest of us. :wink:

That’s funny about the wireless bandwidth stealing. There are FIVE people with unencrypted networks in my range at this moment.

you would think a haxx0r would know how to make his computer invisable as one of the basic laws of the trade.


you would think a haxx0r would know how to make his computer invisable as one of the basic laws of the trade.[/quote]

Then this “haxx0r” is obviously not 1337.


definitly a n00b


definitly a n00b[/quote]

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With anonymous proxies, the server can’t get your info unless the proxy allows it. You just have to get a better proxy. If you were 1337, you might use IP spoofing but I’ve heard that’s tricky.

I wanted complete anonymity once because I wanted to feel really cool like those ‘ghosts’ you hear about in films where no-one knows who you are. But then I realised that I don’t really do anything that I need to be hidden and the proxy servers (though successful at hiding my IP) slowed my connection down big time.

Firewalls are not the way to go because if you are doing something bad then it’s your ISP they target. The ISP will know who you are and the relevant authorities will come and get you.

You are asking for an impossibility.

What do you want it for anyway? O.o