I need some textures! (that are kinda hard to find)

(TomorrowMan) #1

hey everyone!..lets cut to the chase, im making a 3D platform game, and i need some textures for my backgrounds…what i need is like a side view of a cityscape, if ya know what im talking about…but yeah, i need a few cityscapes, a sideview of mountains, jungle, and a hell scene (you know, with alota fire, and lava). I could just make them with blender, but it could take awhile, and i already have a tight schedule for my game…so…does anyone out there know where i might find some pics like that? thanks! 8)

(valarking) #2

look at the texture links at

These are awesome for games:

(TomorrowMan) #3

alright thanks! that helped…although i still havnt got all the textures i need, i got some of um! and, yeah, thanks again! :smiley: