I need some that can model a simple character for my Project

Hello !
So i have a new Project, i am Trying to make a Nightmare / sleeping paralysis scene. This is how it looks right now (i started modeling today)

As you can see, there is a shadow of a person but i would like to have the Monster from the Movie Lights Out there. Or better said, her Shadow. So my question is if someone can model Diana (The Lights out monster) for me. I can be 2D and the level of Detail can be really low.
I thought of this:

The Work is voluntary and execpt a credit in the finished Project there is not much i can offer. I am not very good at Character modeling, thrust me i haved tryed and no.

The Room is supposed to be a nightmare and i think this Monster would be pretty cool.
So if you have nothing to do i would appreciated your help !

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