I need some tips ..

Tonight, I decided I’d like to try modeling a car. I just have a few questions about methods of design.

First off, when I start making my car, should I allow for the wheel wells when I’m drawing the initial shape of the car? Or if possible, can I “cut” out the wheel wells later? (I actually started designing my car without wheel wells from bumper to roof, now I’m stuck, so I’m just curious if I already ruined my project)

Second question… Car bodies are obviously made from seperate parts (e.g. trunk, doors, hood, bumpers, etc). These small gaps between the body parts are always visible on real cars, and I’d like to have them visible in my model. How do I go about creating such a tiny gap between sections of my mesh? Or should details like that be left to the textures?

I think that’s it… I’m still learning this stuff, so any tips are appreciated. If you know of any tutorials that cover things like this, do tell.


Here’s an image of the design I was working on… without wheel wells. :<

please try this tutorial from a Blender car modeler master :slight_smile:
it’s in french and english on the same page!

Well I’m no car guy but you might wanna do a search on here for Sonix as he has done good cars I believe.

You can see some examples of his work here:

Anyway I am pretty sure you’d need to plan for the wheel wells in advance.

I’m more a box modeler myself but blender doesn’t have N-Gons so you have to go with polygon modeling methods and plan more. In the end you’ll most likely get better results.

You can use booleans but you’ll get a LOT of unwanted tris, if you must use booleans try the megabool script.

Good luck.